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Compound Word Socks

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Compound Word Kids Socks...

We recently designed a game for kids to learn compound words, (words like sun+light and lady+bug), that we originally thought would be used on an iPhone/iPad/Kindle Fire. But then we thought, “wouldn’t it be interesting to design an everyday product that could also be used as a learning tool?” We decided on fun and friendly kids’ socks that would be so cute and colorful that kids would really want to wear them. Our socks are not just cute and colorful; they are also specially designed and serve the important function of teaching children all about compound words. Each sock in the pair has a little detail of the word, and when the child puts the correct words, (socks) together, they can read the compound word and see the appropriate illustration in the middle. Nothing is more fun than watching your children mixing and matching all their socks to create new words!

We hope you agree that our innovative and unique product line will create a positive and valuable educational experience for children all over the world!

Combined with App

It's interactive when combined with the App. The compound word app use the same pictures and words that the socks have, drag and drop features, animations, and sounds.


Text message is part of our daily life now. Use of illustration can express your feelings better! When you are so busy, send a "busy" sticker, and you don't need to type, just select the sticker and send. Gama family have a lot of cute illustrations.

We choose the use of sticker because we feel it offers a great example of behavior or values we admire and want to instill in our kids (like courage, determination, honesty, humility, kindness, responsibility, tolerance, etc.). The idea – which has proven out in our families – is that sharing these stickers with kids will spark the kind of meaningful discussions that can really help shape a kid’s perception of what it is to be a good person..

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